The missionary Pierson, who visited Korea in 1910, is the founder of the prestigious Yale University and a member of the honorable family. He was impressed by the Koreans studying the Bible in a difficult situation in Korea, which he visited during overseas missions.

Pierson left his will to build a bible school in Korea and made it a health worse. This news was transmitted to the UK and started the fundraising campaign, and the money was raised at the time of $ 25,000.

In 1911, Robert Spear (chairman) and Delaban Pierson (secretary) formed the Pierson Memorial Commission in New York, and a Bible school was established in Korea as it was written in Pierson’s inscription. As the first dean of the school, Underwood Missionary (Chairman and President), the founder of Yeonhee Institute, was the first president of Korea. He formed the board of the Pierson Bible Memorial Institute and laid the foundations for modern education in Korea.

One of the two institutes that Underwood has established as the first dean has become a prestigious university, and the other is becoming a university that is punished for corruption.

At present, the founder of Pierson Memorial Institute is not Pierson but Ki-heung Cho. He graduated from the Pierson Memorial Institute and then worked in the secretariat of the Pierson Memorial Foundation in the 1970s, He was changing school name in 1980 to 1990 and making himself a founder. He is still selling 100 years of history, defiling Pierson’s honor.